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Mexico is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Whether you are exploring a beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico, or sunbathing on a Mexican beach on the Caribbean side you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Because of it geographical location, Mexico has a very diverse and beautiful beach environment. Most the resort towns have very unique and sometimes even dangerous beaches. The only side you have to worry about is on the Pacific side of Mexico. Some of the beaches particularly close to Cabo San Lucas have strong undertows and swimming is not permitted at these beaches. Below are descriptions of popular Mexico beaches and there related resort towns.

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Cabo San Lucas Mexico more remote beaches are located along the shoreline between "the two cabos" (Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo). These include the Barco Varado, Chileno, Palmilla, Santa Maria and Vista del Arco Beaches, These beaches are more remote so if you want more privacy and less crouds then these are right for you. Beaches in Cabo are some of the nicest beaches in Mexico.

In Cancun Mexico, two beach zones can be distinguished: the first is located in the north of the hotel zone, facing Isla Mujeres and the beach is protected by its location within the Cancun Mexico bay. Due to its calm waves, it is ideal for children and to practice aquatic activities like jet skiing, water skiing or sailing.

The other beach zone in Cancun Mexico is located on the eastern side of the hotel zone, facing the open sea. It is a group of spectacular beaches, with waves whose intensity varies according to the season. For your safety, Cancun hotel beaches and the marinas use colored warning flags. Before swimming, we suggest consider them. While the beaches and beach life in Cancun Mexico are some of the most spectacular beach settings in the world, you must be careful and obey local signs and regulations regarding tides and undertow currents.

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Acapulco Mexico beaches are beautiful. The entire bay is lined with beaches so the choices are endless when it comes time to pick a place to play in the surf and relax in the sun. During the day, the main focus of Acapulco is the beach. The mentally of Acapulco Mexico seems to be to play at the beach all day and party all night long. Most of the beach front restaurants have chairs and tables right up to the waters edge so you can a enjoy a cool beverage between your swims or strolls along the beach.

Distinctly different beach zones with more than forty individual beaches mark Puerto Vallarta Mexico as one of the favorite destinations for the true beach lover. The first zone is north of Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Playa de Oro and the Marina district are here. The Playa de Oro is a wide, sandy beach with a few rocky areas interspersed. It is also a very popular beach with guests and locals alike, because of its water sports. Even further north, the beaches of Banderas Bay are pristine and quiet as they reach up toward Punta de Mita. If you're into surfing, these northern P.V. beaches, which are subject to strong surf, perfect for catching a wave, the best windsurfing also takes place in this beach area.

Puerto Vallarta's Mexico most popular beach, Playa de los Muertos, is located just south of the malecon and the River Cuale. This beach is surrounded by the neighborhood of Olas Altas (Old Town or Zona Romantica), with it's indescribable variety of restaurants and shops. The beaches here are lined with beach front hotels and restaurants and is usually bustling with activity, sun worshipers by day, the dining and nightlife crowd after dark. The beach front bars and restaurants in this area are a great place to catch one of the incredible Puerto Vallarta Mexico beach sunsets.



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