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The Culture of Mexico: Mexican culture is a unique mix of Spanish colonial influences and Native American traditions.

Mexico's Culture - Blending Traditions Near and Far.

mexican culture

Well before the 16th century and the coming of the Spaniards, the indigenous peoples of Mexico had created their own culture arts such as music, sculpture, ceramics, weaving and poetry. After the conquest, the Native American arts with their bright colors and delicate techniques were blended with the European influences of religion to bring a unique Mexican style of Culture. Many churches were built during the colonial era reflecting the Spanish architectural designs with the handiwork of Native American workers. Much of Mexico's most popular art such as pottery, furniture and textiles use techniques from Native American culture. Mexican music and painting have also been influenced by this background Culture.

Mexico Culturehas endured a long history of colonization and nearly constant political change. Despite these changes, though, Mexico today offers its citizens and guests a look into its past through cultural icons, lifestyles and festivities that have existed for thousands of years.

A devotion to parties and holidays is well founded for Mexicans; there's a major national holiday or fiesta just about every month and seemingly every other day is a local saint's day or town fair celebration. Carnaval (Carnival), held the week before Ash Wednesday (typically late February or early March), is the big Mexico culture celebration before the 40 days of Lent--a time of devotion and sacrifice among most Catholics. Carnaval celebrations in Mazatlán, Veracruz and La Paz are among the boldest culture in Mexico.

The country's most characteristic party--or "fiesta" in Spanish--is the dark Día de los Muertos--"The Day of the Dead"--held the day after All Saints' Day on November 2. Mexicans who celebrate this Culture Day of the Dead believe that on this day, the souls of the dead return to earth. In the weeks leading up to the fiesta, Mexican markets are packed with shoppers looking for candy skulls and papier-mâché skeletons. The skulls and skeletons are also popular among tourists to Mexico culture, since they represent one of Mexico's grandest celebrations.


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